The Chipstix Brand

Chipstix is the one of the most innovative and successful fast food concepts globally. The business has seen significant growth since 2006. Chipstix has built a strong, trusted and recognized brand in the food retail industry and has loyal customers following the brand's progression.

Chipstix success strives on the fact that hot fries have been in high demand since the early 19th century. In the recent years, annual consumption has increased up to four times.

The whole world loves hot fries, young and old, irrelevant of culture or ethnic background therefore Chipstix can be enjoyed by anyone at anytime of the year. Chipstix has repaved the way by capturing the enthusiasm in its presentation of the ultimate fried potato with a twist and cutting through flavor boundaries in its choice of exclusive and mouth watering flavored salts that will awaken your taste buds. Chipstix certainly offers a win- win situation!

The Chipstix brand is geared towards creating a distinct business identity and image. This is achieved by promoting an instantly recognizable brand name through high-impact advertising, press and magazine articles, promotional events, exhibitions, media coverage and marketing materials.

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