The Concept

Chipstix has introduced a revolutionary way of serving and eating hot fried potatoes. It is a delicious spiral, unpeeled potato on a bamboo skewer, cut into its unique eye-catching form by our patent chipstix electronic machine. After briefly frying, it is then sprinkled with one of our twelve mouthwatering flavored salts to create a tasty snack served at any location and at any time of the year.

Anyone who likes hot fried potato chips will simply LOVE Chipstix!

The Chipstix potato snack is made from a medium to large sized potato, which has been washed but not peeled. The Chipstix Snack spiral is only 4mm thick which means the snack takes about one minute to fry. The entire preparation and cooking process should not take longer than 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Did you know, almost half the nutritional value of a potato is in the skin?

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