Frequently Asked Questions

At Chipstix we have tried to come up with a few FAQ's. We encourage you to send any further questions via the Contact Us page.

Q. What type of oil should I use to fry?
A. Sunflower or canola oil is highly recommended which should be available at most stores.

Q. Must the whole skewer be emerged in the oil?
A. Yes, you lay it down horizontally in the fryer it should be fully emerged so that it can cook all sides evenly and ensures that the snack sticks to the skewer.

Q. How will I remove the Chipstix from the oil once cooked?
A. With a pair of BBQ stainless steel tongs. Grip it in the same manner as you would a kebab.

Q. What size potato should I use for Chipstix
A. There are many types of potatoes available and most medium to large sized chipping potatoes will give you a perfect end product.

Q. How long does it take to fry a Chipstix snack?
A. The snack will take about one minute to fry at 350 degrees F.

Q. How many chipstix snacks can be seasoned with the 2.2LB of your flavored salts?
A. This may vary between 250 and 280 snacks, depending on how much of the particular flavor you prefer on the snack.

Q. How long does it take the machine to cut one Chipstix snack?
A. It takes the Chipstix Machine about 8 seconds to cut one Chipstix snack.

Q. How long will the blade of the Chipstix Machine last?
A. The blade of our Chipstix machine is made from durable, high quality stainless steel and should last for about 50,000 Chipstix snacks.