Why Chipstix?

If you are looking for a fast food business opportunity you should be searching for an opportunity which offers the best profitability, independence and long term growth.  There is no better choice than Chipstix offering a simple formula, exciting flavorful food and excellent returns.

  • How many times have you heard people saying that they would prefer to work for themselves?
  • How many franchising companies state that they offer independence and freedom from the workplace but in actual fact just tie you down into their blueprints?
  • Allow you to trade with non-franchised goods?
  • Provide the opportunity to incorporate their franchised goods into your already current form of business?

Wait….you might have heard all this before but do you really want to know why this business opportunity is taking the USA market by storm???

  • We charge NO ROYALTY FEES

Yes, we want you to keep every dollar you make. Really if you think about it, how many opportunities do you find that does not charge you royalty and advertising fees. Also provide you the opportunity to incorporate chipstix to your already current form of business.

  • Work for yourself and earn your independence without having to share your profits.
  • The ability to trade flexibly part time or full time and increase your earning potential by trading from a fixed premise or choose from one of our delightful self-contained food kiosks available in small and large.

The Chipstix concept can be conveniently incorporated to add value to an existing businesses such as restaurants, snack bars, clubs or other food outlets. Chipstix can also be operated independently as a stand-alone vending unit at fares, parades, festivals, beach boardwalks and other special events. Furthermore, Chipstix can be offered as part of a catering service to organizers of sporting events, corporate functions, birthdays, receptions, ceremonies, cocktail parties and etc. Donít miss out on this exciting opportunity! CONTACT US now to learn more about Chipstix!

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